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Lejon Drott, Sin of Pride | Base Form (Colored)
It's been a little while since I've posted anything new but here I've finally designed another one of the Arrancar for my fan-made Bleach series. I also managed to color this one pretty well considering I haven't really flexed my coloring muscles in quite some time. I also designed him after a friend of mine and I think I did a pretty good job at capturing his likeness.

Here we have Lejon (pronounced Ley-On) Drott, the embodiment of Pride and Arrogance. Not only does he take great pride in himself and his own abilities but he also holds unmatched pride in his fellow sins. He doesn't take kindly to people underestimating his allies and will not hesitate to kill anyone who does so.

The release command for Lejon's Genzai Form is Stalk and the name of his release is Dzungle Kral. The release command for his Junsuina Tsumi is Roar and the name of his final release is Bozsky Kral.

He's the most skilled in combat out of the seven sins. Whether it be in hand-to-hand or armed combat with his zanpakuto, none match him in terms of skill. He also possesses the best Descorrer among the sins and can open Gargantas freely, without thought, and can even utilize them mid-combat. 

Lejon's rune tattoo is on his back, which is why it isn't visible in the image.

I'm slowly getting back into things with drawing as I haven't done it consistently in a long time but I hope to continue this streak of work I've been doing and plan to upload here every time I have something I wish to share. I also plan to continue pushing myself so I can improve my work. Mainly by trying out poses I'm not used to, such as with Lejon's right arm which is in a position I haven't tried much before. Expect even more interesting poses as I improve! Also expect more color with my uploads as I want to improve that as well. But with Lejon I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for this one considering how rusty I was! 
If It Could... Evolve! #1.5 (Delta Raticate)
Along with Raticate being the first entry into our "If It Could... Evolve!" series we'll also be introduction the evolution of its Delta Form, the Rat Pokemon, Delta Rattark!

Ability: Gluttony / Hustle (Thick Fat) ----> Gluttony / Strong Jaw (Thick Fat)

Typing: Normal / Dark ----> Dark
Evolves from Delta Raticate at level 33.

HP: 75 ----> 95 (+20)
Attack: 71 ----> 96 (+25)
Defense: 70 ----> 90 (+20)
Special Attack: 40 ----> 55 (+15)
Special Defense: 80 ----> 100 (+20)
Speed: 77 ----> 107 (+30)
Base Stat Total: 413 ----> 543 (+130)

New Moves: Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Knock Off, Poison Fang, Thunder Fang

Description: Having taken command of many groups of Rattata and Raticate, Delta Rattark dons a crown becoming the rat king.

*For those that don't know, "Delta Form" is the term the Pokemon Company originally used to describe what is currently known as an "Alolan Form" back when they first tried out the concept in the TCG. For this series we'll be using the term "Delta Form" rather than "Alolan Form".
Brinna Drake, Sin of Wrath | Base Form (No Color)
Meet Brinna Drake everyone! An original character I created for a fan-made Bleach series I'm working on.

She is one of the original Arrancar to be created long before the events of the Bleach manga. She and the rest of the original seven Arrancar date back to even before the Blood War between the Shinigami and the Quincy. Unlike Aizen's Arrancar who represented aspects of death, the original seven represented the Seven Deadly Sins. Brinna is the embodiment of Wrath and holds within her an explosive and unrelenting rage. This may make her seem somewhat similar to Yammy but the difference with Brinna is that she has full access to all her strength whenever she wants to use it and it isn't tied to her rage the way Yammy's is. She is an angry character with an immense amount of power but that power has no special connection to her level of anger whereas Yammy requires anger to get stronger.

Though the original seven Arrancar have Zanpakuto to seal their full abilities just like Aizen's Arrancar, the names they use for releasing their abilities as well as their transformed selves is different. They don't call their releases Resurreccions as that name was created by Aizen. They call their transformations Genzai (or Original Sin) and they all have a second transformation akin to Ulquiorra's Segunda Etapa but again this has another name since it was Ulquiorra who came up with that name. They call their second transformation Junsuina Tsumi (or Pure Sin). Brinna's release command for her Genzai is Hatch and the name of her release is Fortara. Her release command for her Junsuina Tsumi is Arise and the name of her final release is called Nidhogg.

Brinna and the rest of the original seven Arrancar have all the same natural abilities as Aizen's Arrancar and Espada but they are more power as they are much older and had a lot more time to train and improve. 

Among the original seven Brinna isn't physically the strongest as you may think considering her sin is Wrath, she does however have the strongest Hierro. This is due to the fact that as a hollow she had powerful dragon scale armor which turned into skin when she became an Arrancar. Her scale armor comes back in her Genzai form even stronger than it was before.

The original seven also aren't numbered the way Aizen's Arrancar are so they have no numbers tattooed on them. They do however have tattoos of a Norse runes representing the first letter of the sin they embody. The rune Brinna wears is the rune for the letter W. As of uploading the image I haven't decided where I would like to place the rune on Brinna's body, I'll make sure to place it somewhere when I update this with color at some point.

I'll be uploading images of her other forms as soon as I can. Might be a little while as I have yet to draw them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the image! Let me know what you think :]


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